Balance Board

Release time: 2022-03-08 13:15:55Zhenxing Latex

15.7" Diameter No-Skid Surface
  • 16.5IN BIGGER SIZE FOR MULTI EXERCISES USE ——16.5 inches(41.5cm) diameter provides a larger space for both feet and variety workouts like squat, push-up, ballet pose, tilts, planks and leg lifts. Made of solid TPE, the board is more tear-resistant and durable that supports up to 660 lbs.
  • ANTI-SLIP SURFACE & SPIKES BOTTOM ——Anti-skid rubber spikes surface features of anti-slid and more comfortable. Wider TPE bottom with spikes provides better traction and strong grip when you are training. 12 strengthen screws in the bottom assure for more durability and safety.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN & PORTABLE HANDLE —— Lightweight design makes it perfect for carrying anywhere for effective workout like home, gym, office, outdoor. 2 handles contribute to some workouts like squats, lunges, incline pushups, decline pushups, straight arm plank, calf raises and more.
  • 360° ROTATION & 15° TILTING ANGLE —— 360° rotation design can rotate all direction from side to side, front to back. 15° titling angle increase the difficulty to exercise, which is perfect for balance training, core stability workouts, enhance coordination and body awareness.
  • PHYSICAL THERAPY & STANDING DESK BOARD—— This wobble balance board is suitable for all ages usage and is beneficial for physical therapy and workout rehabilitation (rehabilitate ankle and knee joints etc.). Perfect for standing desk balance board at office to help improve posture and reduce back pain.

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